Waiver and assumption to the risks of travel

I hereby acknowledge that Medical Mission Ecuador, Inc., as an agency and its officers, directors, and members have informed me that there is no health insurance or other type of insurance to cover my medical, legal or other care that I might need while on this medical mission to Ecuador IN FEBRUARY, 2021, and that I will be responsible for providing all necessary costs of any care I might need.  I further acknowledge that I am responsible for all of my personal articles and supplies that I take and assume all risks involved in taking those items to Ecuador. I further assume the risks of traveling to an underdeveloped country and shall hold MME and its officers, directors, and board members harmless from any results of my TRAVEL TO AND RETURN FROM ECUADOR AND OF MY PARTICIPATION IN MME 2020.

My application to Medical Mission Ecuador, Inc. for travel with their medical/surgical team in Ecuador is being submitted with the following understandings:​

  1. I will be a guest in Ecuador and subject to the laws and customs of that country and to the policies of MME.

  2. I will be working subject to the authority of the MME President,  Executive Director, Board Members and will abide by ITS  recommendations  and directions  while visiting and working in Ecuador.

  3. I will be responsible for obtaining the funds needed to cover my transportation, meals and any other expenses incidentally incurred on the trip.


Dr. Vásconez examining patient with other MME plastic surgeons before surgery.

Please note: All volunteers need to submit a new application and waiver acceptance EVERY YEAR.  Volunteers must be over 18 years of age and be skilled in a medical area of need that helps the mission. 

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