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Schedule Overview

Feb 24, 2023

Friday - Arrival

This is when most volunteers arrive. We will fly into Quito and then will travel to Ambato directly.

Feb 25, 2023

Saturday - On Saturday, we will try to arrange a tourist trip somewhere for volunteers, usually this is to Banos for those who have not been. With this being such a hodge podge new start, we may not have this as an option and you could explore Ambato for the day. Some will go and start to set up their respective facilities this day.

Evening - Hotel Florida welcome reception / dinner


Feb 26, 2023

The first day

Sunday - Clinic and set up

This is the first official day of the mission work. We will have breakfast in the Hotel Florida and then everyone will load into their respective buses and travel to their assigned location. Most of the locations will be having their clinics and the operating room and therapy staff will set up their areas. We will leave for the locations around 7:30-8am and will return at the end of the day. 

Feb 27-Mar 3, 2023

Monday - Friday - Work!

Monday through Friday will be OR and treatment days. The day will start around after breakfast and volunteers will head to their locations around 7:30-8am. The days may last until the afternoon or as late as 9 pm depending on your facility and how busy things are. 

Mar 3, 2023

Party Night!

There will be a celebration dinner party Friday night. Please where nice but comfortable clothes as this is a celebration and usually there is dancing. The location varies year to year.  Some may be choosing to fly home Friday evening and usually a bus can be arranged for those who are planning to do so.

Mar 4, 2023

Saturday - Travel

Some of you may choose to travel back to Quito for the day, setting up with a "base camp" at the Hilton Colon. Usually there is a bus that is arranged to take those interested in doing so back to Quito until their plane leaves. Travel to the airport would be arranged by the group who is headed to Quito.


This is the night when most travel back home on Saturday night /Sunday morning. 

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