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We have just returned from another successful surgical mission to Ambato, Ecuador. 76 volunteers along with 35 local assistants help us see almost 400 patients in clinic to provide over 120 surgeries, 1500 patient encounters including medical assessment, physical therapy, occupational therapy, wheelchair fittings, and brace or orthotic fittings. Hundreds of braces and walking aid were custom fitted, almost 50 custom fit wheelchairs donated and 30+ strollers modified for special needs children so patients can move on their own or parents don't have to carry them. 


We are going to start a fundraising campaign for this year. Traditionally, we have relied on word of mouth and casual donations, but as our group has grown from just 3 volunteers almost 30 years ago to now almost 80 per mission, our ability to provide more care and our needs for support of that mission have expanded. We now store the bulk of our equipment in Ambato in a storage unit that costs about $350 per month. Our supplies are obtained by our volunteers throughout the year but many are paid out of pocket or through individual donations. We would like to consolidate much of that into one campaign to help track and recognize our supporters. 


Medical Mission Ecuador is a tax-free organization and your donation should be treated as such based on your tax status. 


Thanks for considering us to be your source for benevolent giving for 2019-2020!


-Medical Mission Ecuador Board

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