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Hotel Florida in Ambato

The Hotel Florida is our main hotel, having room for up to 74 people. 

The hotel has several room types, each with one bath:

  1. 9 rooms w/1 double bed  in each room, called matrimonial. ONE bath.

  2. 19 rooms w/2 beds in each room.  ONE bath

  3. 4 rooms w/3 beds in each room. ONE bath

  4. 2 rooms w/4 beds in each room. ONE  bath. Will get 10% discount

  5. 1 room w/5 beds in the room. ONE bath.  Will get 10% discount.

TOTAL:  74 persons


You will NOT be making individual reservations at the Hotel Florida as we will all be staying there (pending room). I will be sending out a roommate request form that you will use to indicate who you will be asking to room with as applicable. Please DO NOT email the hotel to make a reservation as this just confuses the hotel.  


  • The hotel has a restaurant which has nightly dinner for a reasonable cost. There is a morning buffet breakfast included with your room. The hotel also has beer, wine, coke/coke zero, and bottled water for sale that can be charged to your room (again, reasonable prices).

  • The hotel will do your laundry for about $1 per item, washed and folded and brought to your room. This is a great service. You put your clothes in the bag provided and leave it on your bed when you want them to clean them. Your clothes will be back on your bed when you return at the end of the day.

  • A typical cost for the week is about $250-300 depending on your use of laundry and food.

  • There is a small safe in each room as well for small personal items such as money or passport.

  • There is wifi at the hotel, but it is variable in terms of strength. Each room does have an ethernet port if you happen to bring a laptop.


Address: Hotel Florida

Av Miraflores 11-31

Ambato, Ecuador

Telephone: Dial 011 (international code) 593 (country code) 3 (city code for Ambato), to be dialed as: 011-593-3-242-2007 or  011-593-3-242-1877


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