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Hotel Mira Flores

The Hotel Mira Flroes is our alternate hotel this year as we have an extra large group. 



It is an excellent hotel in a good area of town about 2 locks away from Hotel Florida.  We have obtained the SAME price as the Florida and they will also charge per person NOT per room. They will include  a buffet breakfast comparable to the Hotel Florida. They also have Wi-Fi.

   The price for both hotels are:

     -  SINGLE :    $39 per day including tax.

     -  DOUBLE : $32 per day  including tax. 

     -  TRIPLE :   $30 per day  including tax.

Make a reservation by emailing (see below)
You will need to make your own reservations!

If you have a roommate choice, then email the hotel at with your name, the roommate name, and your dates to stay. If you do not have a roommate, please email and I will help arrange with another volunteer who is also looking for a roommate (same sex). You can address this on the travel form.

Remember, English is a second language for the staff if at all, so please be brief and clear. For example:


I would like a reservation for a double room.


Names: John Doe, Bob Smith


Dates: Feb 13-Feb 19


Please send a confirmation of the reservation.

Thank you

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