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Every February we take a group of volunteers to provide completely free surgeries of different types to impoverished Ecuadorian children.


It looks like MME will be able to return to our primary goal of helping children in 2023! Our planned dates will be:

February 23 - March 2, 2024


If you are interested in participating please read through the website and fill out an application form.  Please pay attention to the fact that if you are a new volunteer we will also need an individual email describing your qualifications and interest.  If we do not receive the additional email information separate from the application we cannot process the application further.  

Although many people express an interest in this trip, it is primarily a surgical medical trip caring for mostly children with surgical and rehab needs. Preference is given to experienced medical professionals who can contribute to the mission although we are always in need of pediatric recovery nursing help. Please review the information on the website and contact us to express interest.  

AGAIN, If you are filling out a first time application, you will need to email and tell us about yourself as well as how you would be able to contribute to our mission. If you only submit an application without an introductory email, you may not be contacted back. 

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